We’re officially go for another epic season

Last weekend I visited my favorite place (to get butchered) for trailriding; Malmedy. This time, my new found fitness provided me with the energy and zest to truly enjoy it to the max, up- and downhill. The revamped Remedy and me had a wonderful time on the trails and the Bullit and I got reacquainted since our dramatic season-end in Willingen last year. It was a bit rusty and careful, but ended with fun anyway. Give it time and we’re back on track again too. I can not wait until we visit France in June for the PPdS event and a week of trail- and downhillfun. Both bikes will come along and if the weather plays nice,  it’ll be another epic adventure.

One more epic adventure coming up: next weekend my first marathon (55km), a lot less then the PPdS (85km) but with 1700 meters of climbing…O…M…G… keep your fingers crossed for me 😉