When ‘getting fit’ is starting to make a difference

So I’m 8 weeks in my new found training-enthusiasm. And when you start training for something specific, really making an effort to set a goal (or multiple goals) and intend to do the work. The first few weeks you will get by on motivation. There’s no noticeable difference, you just have to do the hard work and stick to it. If you’re like me, you need some time to adjust to the new ‘regime’ and stop your mind from thinking to much about it and struggling with the effort to have to do.

Then, you will notice a small difference, any difference. The first thing I noticed was improvement in my fitness. Now that wasn’t a big accomplishment, because it was horrible. And that’s not only because I come from 3 month’s of doing nothing. To be honest, I had years of mediocre fitness and I got by simply because I’m a good technical rider.

So after about 6 weeks I had the “hey, this gets easier” bonus-feeling and after 8 weeks (right about now) I noticed other stuff… my body is changing 😉 No I’m not going through puberty, again. I’m talking about muscle-tone (yay)! Core-stability can be a pain, but it’s starting to feel (and look) pretty okay. Or how about arms that don’t ‘blubber (that much)’? I can (and will) get used to this!

So, when is getting fit making a difference? When you stand on your scale and it’s slightly more, but the body looks more solid! When a lap on your local trail isn’t wearing you out as much and you go around faster (or do more laps instead). When workout starts being fun and less ‘hard work’. Holy crap… this is just the beginning. There’s still a long way to go to UBER-fitness, but I can’t help but think… this can only get better!!