Why I have a ‘personal trainer’

I thought it was kinda weird, when I typed ‘Personal trainer Apeldoorn‘ in Google. I’ve been riding for so long and read so many books, I can do this myself… right? I used to have a trainer/coach before, someone I never met and send me a schedule via email and I’d do the hard work on my own. But you know… I wanted a little more and better. It’s always so much more fun when you’re really fit and can ride with more flow and… yeah speed, that too.

After last years nasty little bump with a tree, I was restricted to doing nothing for over 2,5 months. That’s too long for my good spirits (and my wife’s too) and left my fitness at level sub zero. But that’s okay, level sub zero is an excellent level to start working with a Drill Sergeant uh Personal Trainer.

Because of my crash last year, I’ve decided to take it a little easier on full on downhill and try and find some joy and entertainment in xc-marathonriding. Wondering like me how long that lasts? I’m planning to ride the 55km in Sorpetal april 30th and do a full marathon sometime this summer. Between the PPdS and Trek Bike Attack. And if I like it… maybe a multiday-marathon next year.

So… 9 things to do in 2011?

  1. Train with Personal Trainer
  2. Trek Bike Attack: in the 11th gear!
  3. Sorpetal 55 km marathon
  4. Full marathon 100 km
  5. Week of bike-fun around the PPdS & more F4G trips!
  6. Shoot a freeride4girls movie
  7. Clean my garage 😉
  8. Don’t freak… I may actually ride a xc race in Apeldoorn!
  9. Get the Remedy in top shape before PPdS & TBA