Last year I had a lot of fun creating a top 9 list for bike-stuff to do in 2009. Eventhough my life changed drastically when I decided to quit my job and work as a freelancer, I got to do most of my list. So I’m going to create a new list and not going to do 10 in 2010, but continu with 9.

  1. Strip Remedy and equip with spanking new cool parts, update to SRAM (finally!),
  2. Get into shape (“hello roadbike”) to shred trails this summer,
  3. Make more video footage!
  4. Have TFT tune shock and fork,
  5. Get new tires that’ll survice Bike Attack-types of rides,
  6. Ride Freeraid Classic and …?
  7. Testride Trek Scratch!
  8. Oh, RIDE MORE!
  9. and, BLOG MORE!