It’s just like nothing happend…

Never before did I feel like I’m behind on all my plans like I am now. In my mind, I’m 6 months behind. 6 months ago I was fit and getting fitter. The best position to train for something like the Torino Nice Rally. And then, of course, shit happened. All sorts of shit and I’ve been sent back to level 0 multiple times.

Zero… the level where even a 30-minute Zwift ride makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. What do you do?

You just keep at it.

If you’re serious and want something bad enough, you can’t let it get to you. Preparing for something big that’s far away in the future is tricky. A lot can happen in between, heck the world can change. Oh my bad, the world has changed drastically in the last few weeks, even more than in the whole Pandemic era. These are turbulent times.

Sometimes events impact you directly, sometimes they don’t. The trick is not to make a thing out of every event. Stay stoic. Stay on your path. Be smart about it, but just stay on your path.

So back to level 0 again. Can’t be helped, it is what it is. But I have time. Not a lot. And it will cost me. But you know what is not an option? Giving up now.

Lael Wilcox said it beautifully in the Rapha Movie about the Alaska Pipeline FKT: “Show up with what you got, and ride with all of your heart and see how it goes.”

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