• I have disabled the comments section out of GDPR considerations
  • No user accounts, so no personal data is stored
  • Images or files are stored locally on my Vimexx server (using datacenter)
  • No tracking pixels or scripts from external websites

Website statistics

I use Burst statistics (more info here) to collect anonymised information about you when you visit this website.

What is tracked:

  • Pages you’ve viewed: to have an overview of website visit statistics and user behaviour
  • Browser user agent: to be able to create charts of views, most used browsers, etc.
  • An anonymised string is created from your IP address, For example, 888.888.888.888 > 888.888.888.000).

I choose them because they do not store any user information and do not place any cookies. I choose to pay to use services to access some visitor statistics without selling your data.