10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done

  1. Build a bike: many bikes even from DH to singlespeed. Especially when you are a novice: you’ll learn a lot!
  2. Ride at night: at my local trails even in snow (3)
  3. Ride in the snow: Megavalanche baby!
  4. Ride in another country: nothing but I would say
  5. Sleep next to your bike: With your bike next to you in your hotelroom doesn’t really count. Sleeping under the stars with your bike next to you: still on my list.
  6. Explore a new trail: I still consider this open, a new trail like a trailhunter: not fully done!
  7. Cross a mountain range: High Atlas in Marocco and some Alpine crossings.
  8. Ride a race: This Bike Attack was one hell of a race!
  9. Visit a bikepark: most awesome times!
  10. Ride to the sea: going to do that next summer when my buddie and I are riding the Trans Provence (yeah baby)