Filme von Draussen workshop this summer

I’m a big fan of Filme von Draussen, not because it’s a cool name… Well… any name with “von” in it sounds cool, I think should rename myself Tanja von Bie.

Anyway… he make movies that make you smile and grab your bike to go for a ride. If you can read German (or have a nifty translate plugin) you should read this interview here:

My top 3 (no particular order):

10 Things I have learned about Mountainbiking from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

32 [S]Miles per Hour from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

Haute Route – Das Leben ist ein Pass von teecee – mehr Mountainbike-Videos

That last one I love because I’ve never done a trip like that and now want to plan a ride like that. But that’s not my point, Filme von Draussen will organise a workshop this summer, how to make captivating bike movies:

Do you want to learn the secrets of creating a mountain bike film that people will love to watch? We’ve got you covered! In this one week workshop, organized in cooperation with Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures, you will learn loads of simple techniques that allow you to make extraordinary videos with simple equipment. Tom Malecha, the guy behind «Filme von Draussen», will teach you everything he knows about mountainbike filmmaking. From our basecamp, a high-class chalet close to Sion (Valais, Switzerland), we will venture out to capture beautiful footage while riding some of the Alps best singletrack, e.g. The Brazilian”.

It’s from juli 27th till august 3rd in a group of 7 participants max. And you’ll learn stuff like: The Essential Kit: What Equipment do you really need and what is nice to have? The Secret of Great Movies: Developing Ideas & Stories, The Rule of Threes: How to shoot a story, What You Ought to Know About Exposure, Lenses and Focus, Going Pro: Using Advanced Camera Gear like Microcopters, Sliders, Steadycams and Cranes, How to Build and Set-up a Cablecam, Into the Action: Get the Best out for your Gopro, The Art of Timelapse Photography, Making the right choices: The Basics of Video Editing, Spicing up the Edit: Film Burns, Twitches and other Editing SFX, Let your footage shine: An Introduction into Colour Correction, How to Create Titles that Look Great.